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Published: Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Listen to Lena Book ReviewDear Readers,

Over the next few weeks I’ll be showcasing a few products that I particularly love – which also make fabulous holiday gift ideas. It is separate from a “gift guide” as I’ve hand selected these items as my top choices. There is no flashy promotion involved; no fancy giveaways. Just products I truly believe in. Enjoy!

- Lena xo

For the past three months, Ryder has been attached to one book. He takes it to Grandma’s, he takes it on car rides, he takes it to bed. In fact, seeing the book tucked under his sweet little arm is normally a sign that he’s ready for some quiet time. And it’s not a book about cars; it’s not a book about bears.

It’s the “Artsy Alphabet” book by Artsy Pear.

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